Downloading stock and other security prices

Banktivity downloads both historical and current market prices for stocks, mutual funds, and other securities. Over the last few months, you may have seen some quotes updating sporadically. This is because Yahoo Finance turned off the API we used to use for downloading quotes. We are now using IEX Trading for downloading security quotes. Unfortunately, IEX does not currently support all exchanges. We recognize this presents a hardship so we are continually requesting IEX to support additional exchanges. Until such time, unsupported securities will need to be manually updated. I’m afraid we simply don’t know when or if additional exchanges will be added but we continue to make requests on a regular basis.

You can check which exchanges are supported in 7.5 and higher here:

Supported Exchanges

This information below covers the expected behavior for Banktivity 7.5 and higher when downloading security prices.

Stocks and securities you currently own

Banktivity makes a distinction between securities you currently own and have a position in versus securities you either held in the past or ones that are in your file but you’ve never purchased them.

For securities you own Banktivity can fetch delayed, current-day market prices for US-based stock exchanges. International exchanges are fetched at the end of the day. Of course, mutual funds and other securities that are traded at the close of day are only updated once a day. A 24 to 48-hour delay for prices to update is expected.

For securities you do not currently own, their prices will only be updated using the “historical prices” mechanism below.

Historical prices

Banktivity attempts to keep a price history for your securities. For securities you own, the historical prices are updated based on when you first purchased your security to the present. For example, if you bought AAPL on January 3, and then you didn’t open your Banktivity file until February 3. Banktivity will attempt to fill in that missing gap. If you don’t give Banktivity a chance to download historical prices for months and months, then there is a chance that gaps in the historical prices could occur.

Currently, when Banktivity fetches historical prices, it only gets the close price and not the open, high and low prices.