How to use Bill Pay in Banktivity with any bank.

Even if your bank doesn’t support direct connections or in-app bill pay or if your account updates via Direct Access, there is another method that lets you pay bills online without leaving Banktivity.  Many banks do not support Bill Pay from 3rd party financial applications, but do support Bill Pay from the banks website. Here’s how you can use your banks online bill pay service within Banktivity:

  • Double-Click on the account name for your account from the Sidebar on the left side of the Banktivity window to open the Account Inspector.
  • Inside the Account Inspector enter the URL for your banks website in the “Website” field, followed by clicking “Save”.
  • In the Sidebar on the left side of the Banktivity window look below “Websites” for your banks website and click on the website for your bank. If you do not see your banks website listed place your cursor over the word “Websites”, followed by clicking on the word “Show” which should appear to the right.
  • You should now see your banks website within Banktivity. Sign in to your account on your banks website, then proceed to the area on the banks website where you can send payments. (if you need any assistance with your banks online bill pay system, please contact your banks customer service department)

Additionally, you could use the Workspaces feature in Banktivity to have your banks website open side by side with your account data in Banktivity when sending payments.