403 Forbidden Error

We are aware that some customers have been seeing a “403 Forbidden” error when trying to perform various functions in Banktivity for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

After much research and data gathering, we identified that this issue only happened when using OpenDNS. OpenDNS is a domain name service provider owned by Cisco. You can learn more about DNS is here: https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/dns/what-is-dns/

We believe the issue has been resolved but it may take a couple of days for the fix to propagate. If you are still having trouble, we have a couple of workarounds to offer for Banktivity for Mac users.

If you aren’t sure if you have OpenDNS enabled, you can check here: https://welcome.opendns.com/

The current workaround solution is to either disable OpenDNS or switch DNS providers (steps below) until this issue is resolved. If you don’t know how to disable OpenDNS, your ISP should be able to help you out.

For advanced users, these are the steps to switch providers until the issue is resolved:

1. Go to your Mac’s System Preferences
2. Click on Network
3. Select the first connection in your list and click Advanced
4. Select the DNS tab and copy & paste the IP address for either Google or Cloudflare (or another DNS server of your choosing) in the DNS Servers box.

The Google Public IP addresses are as follows:

The Cloudflare IP addresses are as follows:

5. Click “OK” and “Apply”

You should no longer see the “Forbidden” error!